In the early spring of 2007, my son and I went out to Maine and bought Coaster II. She was basically sound but as a 75 year old vessel, she did need work. We arranged dockspace in Portland and lived on the Coaster, getting her ready for the voyage down the eastern sea-board, up the Hudson, along the Erie Canal, up the Great Lakes and to her new home in Marquette, Michigan. In the summer, we worked on her decks, plugging and reseaming, then in the fall, we used a chainsaw to cut out 14 rotten topside planks and her transom. We also repaired the decayed framing in her counter stern and replaced the unoriginal laminated transom with solid mahogany planks, caulked and seamed and a new carved name board.
During the winter we went over the whole rig, spars, shackles, shrouds, stays, pullerys, etc., rebuilding and replacing worn, rotten & rusty pieces.
In the spring of '08, Tim Wadsworth did the electrical upgrades while my son Thanos had the dirty job of cleaning all the old tar out of the bilges, while I scarfed in 17 ribs, with help from smaller friends reaching three of them in the tighter spots. Lower planks had to be replaced using top quality mahagony 1 1/2" x 14" x 12' obtained by my brother Gus Economides, who also rebuilt Coaster's hatches. Many friends helped with jobs to numerous to mention.

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